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And I’m back…

After spending many a day by a pool, on a beach, snorkeling, or fishing, I’ve spent many a night watching US Open tennis, sitting on a balcony and listening to the waves, and rebuilding my personal website and blog network. And this is my – Welcome myself back – post.

While rebuilding I made the classic mistake of:

(1) Deleting all the photos from my previous posts (which go back to 2006 on one of the blogs)

(2) Having to rebuild the database, re-import all of the comments, and re-tag all the categories

(3) Finding all new themes for the blogs to refresh the look and feel (plus all the other themes got deleted with all of the photos).

But in the meantime, I’ve learned how to build a new, photo-centric website. You can follow along with the code (and the bugs) in this GitHub repo. And I’ve started to learn some new technologies that I’ll use for a new personal project that I’m working on (to be announced soon).

And I’m excited to get my hands back into building things that take me outside of the daily grind. I hope you’ll enjoy the things I share with you.

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