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Internet free zone

Micky and I don’t get enough time together. We both work too much, put a lot of time into the kids, and generally find ourselves too exhausted to do much more. We need to figure out how to get better at it, but there’s an epic impediment that I think needs to get jumped – the constant presence of the Internet.

There’s always an email to check; there’s always a Facebook update to look at; there’s always a level of a game to play.

And that’s a problem.

So I’ve declared a few moments of the day Internet free zones. Driving to work, and driving home from work. During the bed time ritual with the kids. And from bedtime for the kids through dinner.

We’re not great at it. But if we can get better at it, it gives us about an hour a day where there can be absolutely no Internet, and I think that that’s going to be amazing.

I’ll let you know 🙂

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Goals for 30

My buddy James has 21 goals that he’s trying to accomplish before turning 30. I spoke about it in the blog post where I introduced his blog. I realized that I wanted to make a list too, but mine is much, much shorter.

My goals before 30 are:

  • Get down to 175 lbs
  • Get promoted
  • Fall more in love with Micky, Amelia, and Luka than I was at 29

That’s it. I really do think three decades will have been well executed if I pull off these three goals. But damn if two outta three aren’t going to be hard as hell…

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This week in review

So I’ve fallen epically behind. I’ll catch up tonight, and then get back to it, but it’s not going to be pretty

This week has been a blur of working late, waking up early, doing chores around the house, and feeling like there isn’t enough time. I don’t have any photos that I’ve taken, or stories that I really want to share. I want to make sure weeks like this happen rarely, but I’m worried that there will be more rather than less of them.

My one fun data point is that I bought a new exercise game for the XBox. It’s called Your Shape Fitness, and I think it’s going to be awesome. So far, I’ve done some warm up stuff, and a few of the hip hop classes. I’ve definitely forgotten how to move… and so it’s going to be awkward 🙂

However, I’ll get back to it, and I’ll make some magic happen I hope. Kids sleep. 30 minutes a night. Before you know it, I’m sexy again.

Until then, here’s to a week that’s less chaotic.

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Another first – Amelia’s first song request

We’re on our way to swimming today, when Amelia decides to drop a big first – her first song request. When she asked for it, I was really surprised, and didn’t actually believe her at first. Then… she started singing the lyrics, and I had no choice.

What was you ask?

None other than:

It’s a really pretty song, and Miss Amelia can belt it like no other. She got her dad’s voice 🙂 and love for top 40 music.

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When ending is critical for beginning

I wrote this as a note to someone special earlier this week, and I really like the message. I’ve decided to share it in an edited format here.

Folks leave.

It’s sad because it feels like somehow the system failed. But we don’t think that about death. When someone dies, we create room for someone new to be born who brings a newer, and hopefully better, perspective to who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

Death’s inevitability gives us a reprieve. And yet even without death everything comes to an end – inevitably. Hitting streaks, consecutive quarters of profitability, periods of peace – none can last forever.

In a static system, there is neither death nor birth. Culture can become static. Endings act as a wake up call that we cannot be static. The lesson is to not hang on to being what we were, but, instead, create an energy to become.

Part of the journey is starting to let go, and letting the culture be carried by others. The others will do a great job because we choose them, and make sure they do. The actors who see that transition, and decide it’s not for them make the best choice for all in leaving.

The end game doesn’t change. But we do.

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TV2.0 – The lines become more clear

Yesterday, Comcast announced that it was acquiring Time Warner Cable. #1 and #2 are merging (minus 3 million subscribers to keep the FTC happy) in a move that in any other industry would have consumer advocates screaming anti-competitive. None of the analysis that I’ve read however is worried about it…

On a personal note, we cut the cord in 2010 when I finally got fed up with how expensive our cable bill was. We’ve gone from paying $200 per month with a million channels I never watched to paying $75 per month for phone, internet, and TV that I watch fully on-demand. I am not a cable subscriber, and the only thing that I miss is the occasional sporting event that can’t be picked up over-the-air (damn you NBC Bay Area!!).

There is clearly a move happening in this direction at some level that is scaring the traditional TV providers. Whether it’s cutting the cord, content from NetFlix winning Emmy’s, or the recent appellate ruling on net neutrality the rules of the game are changing. The game is going to be more and more about accessing content anywhere, and simply having a key to access the content. The key will be more and more expensive as the channels that once upon a time subsidized our cable bills become more and more irrelevant (and probably end up moving online anyway – think QVC for each niche with its own online model).

The channels that draw the crowd – sports & premium content like HBO – hold the power today. It’s all about the rights. The rights to the NFL. The rights to True Blood. And yet, MLB has a fantastic online presence, and is building an empire of its own content that it sells on its own channel. NBA.tv is there too. And the MLS presence on the Roku is fantastic.

I don’t know if ultimately HBO will sell itself a la carte (even though it’s owned by Comcast now), or continue to be the hook to get people to pay top dollar, but I do know that the game is changing for them too.

All in, we’ve got two epic players becoming one, and the reaction is just as excited as it is angry.

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Welcome James to blogging!

My good buddy James (one of the two (or three) James’ after which Luka’s middle name is derived) has started a blog:


Documenting the goals he has for this last year of his 3rd decade of life. Everyone should follow, and hold him to it. Some of the ones I think are wacky include:

  • #7… getting a tattoo? Come on man :-p
  • #16… where was my love when I had kids in diapers? What the heck’s going on there?

but most of them I love. I especially love:

  • #15… which made me tear up when I read it
  • #17 & #18… which I’m lumping together because if you can do them together, then you’re really killing it

Every year for a while now James and the family have come together to see the world. Portugal, UK, Grand Canyon, CA redwoods… and this year Sonoma International Raceway! He’s a great guy, and it’s going to be a good year to follow.

But seriously man, no tattoo.

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Applied learning

As I’m in the car a bit more than I was in the past, I’ve been getting back into the swing of listening to podcasts. One of my favorites is Startups for the rest of us.

I went to their conference in Las Vegas back in 2012, and I’ve worked my way through a fat chunk of their back log as well. I’ve shared it with a ton of folks, and all of a sudden one of the folks I shared it with is making a go of it.

I’m not going to say who or what yet, but I’m really quite excited to see what happens as he tries to bootstrap his way towards a SaaS business. The customer is already there. The LTV is already vetted. It’s really just about execution.

As soon as I can, I’m going to update how well it worked, but getting to apply the learning of all of the listening is going to be a fun experiment.

Good luck <name redacted>!

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Book(s) of the month

Having finished two books in January, I’m feeling pretty good about my quest to read one book per month this year. For February, I’ve chosen two books (and I think it’s going to take me until March to finish). They are:

Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business


Founders at Work

I’m really focusing on business books as both a form of inspiration, and hopefully as a way to bring some more efficiency to the team. We’re doing really well, and now I think we need to get to the next level.

Happy reading to me!

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This week in review

Holy shit, another week has passed. The big life event was, obviously, moving. It’s been awesome. Today we finally got people to pick up the last of the boxes, and the room just opened up. I’m going to let the photos do the talking, because honestly I’m too tired to do it 🙂