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Building a new

It’s time for a new project.

On, I’m going to build a timeline of all of our photos. It will give us a chance to put them all together into one place, and I’ll have fun building the tech stack underneath it.

My mom has in a closet at the family house 30 albums worth of pictures.
I figure we can find more if we dig around when we visit Turkey.
And of course the last ten years has been easier and easier to create more pictures than we know what to do with.

And as far as technology stack goes, it’s a chance for me to build a single-page application backed with rails-api. I can get my hands into this crazy new Javascript world. I’ve got to figure out how to store the photos. Give folks access to uploading the photos. It’s a fun problem – but small enough to actually be able to finish (which is key).

And hopefully – when it’s all said and done – the outcome is a fun website with our family story baked into it.

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