It was a good two days with the family in Nashville celebrating Doruk graduating from Vanderbilt. I landed bright and early on Thursday morning, and we headed straight to see Walter Isaacson speak.

He did really well. If you know he’s quoting the amazing lines of the geniuses he studied, then it’s slightly less impressive, but nonetheless he threaded together some of the greatest minds in US history together into a really wonderful graduation speech.

Then we ate some wonderfully delicious food.

Meat and 3 at Arnold's in Nashville
Meat and 3 at Arnold’s in Nashville

We then made our way to downtown Nashville. We got burgers and tater tots for dinner, and then Doruk surprised us with tickets to the Grand Ole Opry!!

The opening acts were really great. The host was funny and a great storyteller. And then out came Charlie Daniels closing out the night with “Devil went down to Georgia”. It was amazing!


The next day was graduation day. We found some shade, and watched the big ceremony. The chancellor’s speech was about passion, and it was awful. The law school talk was about being a great lawyer, and it was fantastic.

Doruk and friends were so happy. The parents and family were so proud. It was really wonderful.

Congratulations Doruk! You’re wonderful, and beginning what will be a wonderful journey. I hope these last three years will be the foundation for another 3+ decades of joy, passion, growth, inspiration, and changing the world.