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2012 Resolutions

A new year, and a new set of resolutions.

I had a lot of fun with last year’s resolution, but didn’t quite cross the finish line. It turns out that writing 10 minutes worth of comedy that people will actually laugh at is REALLY hard. Nonetheless, I met some awesome folks, and the guy who runs the SFCC is a great guy. I’d highly recommend the program to anyone who has public speaking problems, wants to learn how to add comedy to their daily routine or is just looking for a new hobby. Definitely a good crew to be around.

This year I’m focusing much more on myself, and asking myself to commit to a healthier future. I am… giving up fast food!

I’m not giving up every fast food restaurant out there. I’ll still eat at Bojangles or Chik-fil-a, but other than that, I’m done. It’s been pretty hard so far, but I’m definitely getting there. I think it could be a real game changer.

My second resolution, which is much smaller in nature but equally worth noting, is shaving at least every other day. I want to be consciously coming into each day, and I think that shaving is, for me, a way of not letting the day catch me by surprise.

I feel good about my resolutions this year, but I’ll definitely update all as the year progresses!

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You can walk before you crawl, but should you?

Watching Amelia Rose grow up is a fascinating exercise in humility. We are truly brought into this world in as useless a form as is possible. And yet, we immediately challenge the world around us to explain itself. First through sight, and then through some combination of touch and taste.

The phase we’ve just entered with Amelia Rose is mobility. Explore the world through a sense of mobility which enables independence and a sense of adventure. And so enters the age old adage that one should learn to crawl before they attempt to walk.

It turns out that that adage is misleading.

You see, it’s entirely possible to walk before you crawl. Amelia Rose is doing her darndest to do just that. Given enough help, she’ll definitely get there. So why all of the emphasis on learning to crawl first?

The danger isn’t that she learns to walk. It’s that she never learns to catch herself when she falls.

So my job is to catch her when she needs a net, but to let her fall when there’s a lesson to be learned. And somewhere in between she might learn to crawl, but I know she’ll find her way onto her feet and into the next adventure.

Oh baby, the places we’ll go!