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Getting settled – Week 2

It might in fact be week 3, but I’m not really sure 🙂

Things are absolutely phenomenal this side of the ocean. We’re all setup in Churt, things in Air Street are going fantastically, and the family is bonding.

Highlights include:

  • Bonfire night in Rye – A super old British town with a castle celebrates bonfire night with tons of folks in costumes marching through the streets with torches on fire, and then lights a massive bonfire with a fireworks show. I got some AWESOME photos, but I can’t find my card reader, and so the uploads will have to wait 🙁
  • Cousins bonding in Camber – Amelia and her cousin Martha took a morning walk along the beach at Camber. Check out the Cousins in Camber video.
  • Amelia + Freddie – Amelia made a new friend, and they had a ball dancing in the streets of Lewes with their mummies (who are also friends).

    Micky, Amelia Rose, Freddie, and Abbie Churton walking down the streets of Lewes

We also got to bond with Grandma a bit, and now Grandpa is here for a few days. The house in Churt is just ideal, and we’re really excited about Uncle James coming into town this week.

It’s only just started to get fun 🙂

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UK Adventure – Week 1

We have started a bit of an adventure this past week. Micky, the babies, and I are in England for the next two months, and out to see a bit of Europe while also having some excellent family bonding time.

I’m also working out of the Telefonica Digital offices over the next couple of weeks. This is going to be a ton of fun, and I really feel like the BlueVia team and I are going to get a chance to sink our teeth into some juicy problems to solve. Simultaneously, I get to work with the TUCore team, and that’s going to really help drive the OpenTok platform much deeper, and bring much more core technology forward into the API. The details to all of this will be fodder for another blog post though.

Back to the adventure!

We landed Tuesday afternoon, and the trains into town were massively delayed. I decided not to go into work Tuesday, and instead headed down to Hassocks. We went to rent a car, and I drove. It’s a stick shift AND on the left side of the road. Bad combo 🙂

We got the chance to see Mike before he left for Mallorca (where the TokBox product team is buying a villa), Dan before he left for Singapore (which is too hot), and we’ve seen Lisa, the girls, Wendy and Geoff, and even…

My first professional soccer match! I went to the Brighton/Leeds match with my brother-in-law-in-law Paul. I don’t really drink, but if I’m with Paul, then I’m drinking. We got to the match, got into the club suite, had some great drinks and conversation, and then watched Brighton tie Leeds 2-2 (a game they definitely should have won). The speed of the game was amazing. The skill level quite impressive (and this is just a Championship match).

Loved it.

Now we’re all setup in Churt in our little cottage, and watching “Love Actually” on a perfect fall evening. Super happy. Super excited. Let the adventure begin 🙂