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Lots of shit is going on – Week “I have lost count”

Holy smokes has a lot happened since the last update. And to think, I thought I was going to pull off a weekly update πŸ™‚

First thing first, Amelia has got to be one of the unluckiest little girls when it comes to health. Both times she has been in the UK, she’s had a really nasty bug, and this one just wiped her out. She even became lactose intolerant for 10 days. Everyone ended up being sick except for Micky who was a complete rockstar of a nurse! That’s when you know you’re the lucky one…

We have in the time since I last updated:

  • Celebrated many birthdaysMy birthday. Micky’s Aunt Monica’s birthday. It’s been a really good month of getting wiser if not older to go with it :-p
  • Visitors and new countries – James Kellermann visited from Creedmoor, NC. We got him up to London for a day, and then over to Lisbon. Photos coming soon, but that darned camera, and its darn cable πŸ™ However, this was James’ first trip out of the country, but it won’t be his last… especially since they have pizza everywhere
  • Paris, I love you – Micky and I did a child-less trip to Paris. It was fantastic. We stayed on Ile St. Louis with the Notre Dame in our front yard just 500 yards away. We ate a lot of food, and it was delicious. We walked for miles, and it was breathtaking.

    For my birthday, Micky got me a cooking lesson at a school in Paris. It was so much fun, and I learned to make scallops. Pictures forthcoming once I get that damn wire. We also made pumpkin soup, an almond tart, and had cheese to top it all off. Quite fancy I’d have to say πŸ™‚

    We also went on the ferris wheel in Tuillery Gardens, which I’ve never done, and climbed to the first floor of the Eiffel Tower.

    At the end of the three days, we arrived back at the car to realize that we had lost the car keys, and waited at the train station for 6 hours while the car got towed, and we got a new car to head home in πŸ™

    Oh well, it was a wonderful trip anyway

We’re now home for a bit before we head off to Turkey. Oh, and here are the photos from Bonfire night in Rye. Thanks James for helping me download them πŸ™‚