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That look in her eyes…

I really need to dig into this whole no yelling thing. But they don’t sleep. And then work is just a bear right now. And we have no nanny. And it just feels as if there have been, and will be coming up, a ton of solo parent days/nights.

But holy smokes that look in her eyes.

And all she asked that I do was not yell at her. To just speak kindly to her. About a cup of milk for God’s sake.

I’ve lost all patience for the world. All restraint to jump from zero to a thousand. But I won’t forget that look in her eyes. And hopefully it will slow me down. Hopefully it will stop me.

Because I don’t want to see it again.

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Won’t the sharing economy decouple itself from the marketplaces?

When we first moved into the house, we had an one-off insurance policy to fix plumbing, appliances, roof, etc. I called them once, they sent over a fantastic plumber, and I never called them again. You see, they found a way to not cover anything, and all I really needed was access to a good plumber.

Why isn’t this exact same thing happening, or going to happen, to Uber, Handy, Munchery, etc.?

All of these applications are marketplaces. However, none of them (and I haven’t power used Handy yet so I don’t know how true this is for them) create a relationship between me and my service provider.

I know my plumber, and so I trust him to come to the house and fix things.

Same with my contractor (because houses break).

Same with my gardener (because Micky loves the backyard).

In a similar vein, I know my doctor, my dentist, and I trust that they will be there when I go in for an appointment.

Why then wouldn’t I want to know my chef? Or my driver? Or the painters I’ve hired?

And if the apps don’t build this in for me (e.g. allowing me to request favorites when they’re available, creating relationships with the service providers before they come to me, etc.), then why wouldn’t I just do it myself?

I’ve never asked an Uber driver for their card so I could just call them directly next time… but I could. It would let me pay them without having to pay Uber. I could give them the tip they deserve, and not the one that Uber splits with them. All of the incentives are there for this business owner to branch out and create his own clientele list.

It’s the kind of thing my grandfather would definitely have done by now.

Our Handy tryout today wrote us a nice note about the work that she did, and suggested at the end that we create a one-on-one relationship without Handy as an intermediary. She’s already thinking that way.

I’m really curious how… on a long enough time horizon… these services expect to keep the talent. I know agencies have these problems because my favorite contractor (one Garret Riddle) tends to freelance out whenever he wants to, and then come back when he’s tired of doing BD.

Get enough clients and word of mouth, and you don’t need the marketplace anymore. And then what happens to Uber’s valuation?

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What I’m doing for Lent 2015

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! This year for Lent I’m going to focus on 2 things:

  1. Not yelling at the kids – This has been a bad trend lately… Luka is being a pain in the ass. Amelia is acting like she’s six months old at times. And all I want to do is get out the door, and start my day. But the truth is, I don’t. I want to stay at home just as much they do. I want to play one more game of Family just like Amelia does, or one more round of baseball like Luka does. But I just can’t. Morning meetings. Long nights because I’m not getting stuff done during the day. And so when I just need shoes on, and coats picked up, and bags carried, it’s too easy to freak out.

    But for the next 40 days, I’m not going to let myself do it because it’s not fair to the kids, and it’s not what I want to teach them to do either.

    It’s going to be hard…

  2. Not cheating on my weight loss – I’m exercising every day of the week for about 30 minutes. And I’m losing no weight. The culprit HAS to be food. At work, I cheat too many chocolates or chips. On the weekends, I have too many big meals.

    I’m going to really focus on what I eat, how much I exercise, and make sure that both are aligned towards my goal of losing weight. I think if I do it right, I’ll be down to 187 by Easter.

    That would be really wonderful.

So there you have it. My two big goals. I always share publicly to get help from others. If you need help, then let me know yours, and I’ll be there 🙂

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Am I the only one – Jordanian edition

I remember in high school that my French teacher, and one of the strongest leftist influences in my life, Fabienne took us to a talk at UNC about the death penalty. The person speaking was the son of the Rosenbergs who were executed for spying for the Soviets, and giving them nuclear secrets.

It turns out that the government was right about Julius, but not about Ethel.

And so started my walk down becoming a pretty staunch anti-death penalty advocate.

Over the years I learned more, and everything I learned seemed to point me to the conviction that the death penalty is inherently wrong.

And now the country of Jordan has given me another data point.

These two executions carried out this morning are simply revenge killings. All over the world, we’re condemning ISIS as a band of extremists whose tactics and values are outdated, and unwelcome in the modern world.

And yet, in a moment where we can test that belief, we fall prey to Hammurabi’s code – “an eye for an eye” instead of focusing on our own modern values – right to a fair trial, punishment that fits the crime, etc.

I don’t know if Jordan holds to these values.

But the question I’ve been asking myself today is – who’s actually the worse offender here? ISIS for standing by their barbaric values and executing a prisoner of war. Or Jordan for responding in an equally barbaric way while decrying those barbaric values?

Am I the only one who thinks it’s Jordan?