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Mid-year review

I posted my resolutions for 2015 in January, and since we’re at the halfway point I thought I’d give an update.

Lose 30 pounds

Well pictures don’t lie:


I’m very solidly in the 180s now thanks to Ramadan. If I get back into the habit of exetcising after work everyday, and commit to just salad at lunch, I’m going to nail this.

That’s a big if though…

Read 12 books

So far, so good. I’ve added a Goodreads widget on the blog if you want to see what I’m reading, and I’ve come up with some blog post ideas as well, and I’ll get to writing them soon 🙂

Food-related resolutions

Sugar/honey in my tea only once per day (this resolution is suspended when in the South, and drinking sweet tea)

Totally failing at this, and I won’t worry about it for this year.

Increase my list of things I can cook beyond kofte, rice, and salad

I’m down with a scrambled egg like never before. We’ve also nailed a chicken cooking technique that I love. This one is a nice check.

Business-related resolutions

I’m pretty close to happy with this one so far. I need to write more, and that will definitely help me accelerate.

In general though, this is much less a part of me than in the past. I don’t know yet how I feel about that, but that’s definitely the case.

Personal-related resolutions

This one I get a zero on. I need to do this better.

With six months to go there is lots to accomplish still. But all in all good progress has been made.