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When 3 year old wit strikes

We were dropping Micky off at work today. Driving up Mission Street, we saw a bunch of Academy of Arts kids walking to school. As they’re all designers of one sort or another they’re always wearing something quirky.

One girl walked across the street wearing bright green Ninja Turtle pajama bottoms.

Micky, as the pajama bottoms walked across the street, said, “Wow, those are hideous.”

And Luka, without missing a beat, said, “You can’t fix stupid, ya know.”

The whole car started dying laughing, and then had another fit of laughs when Amelia asked, “I didn’t hear what Luka said. Why are we laughing?”

Oh man, in those moments… you know they’re definitely related to me.

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This week in review

Ok, I’m going to get back in the swing of the family weekly update. That means many things have to happen. (1) I need to take photos. (2) I need to start recording these kids more because honestly unless you hear it from their mouths, then you won’t believe it. (3) I need to not fall asleep Sunday night with the babies after an insane weekend.

And we’re off.

This week was always going to be crazy because it was Homecoming week at TokBox. For those who don’t know, homecoming is an event that colleges and high schools across America celebrate as a way to bring alumna back on campus. It’s usually centered around a major sporting event. In our case, it’s just centered around the calendar. And it’s just a cluster fuck of humanity. Which is good because all of this is an outcome of the great work we’ve done. But holy smokes that was a lot of people.

Monday was also a pretty special day. Micky turned 40 for the 2nd year in a row 🙂

We went to Central Kitchen, and had an AMAZING dinner. Really, really awesome.

Tuesday, I took my turn at being a speaker about the OpenTok platform. It’s nice because I feel as if I haven’t had as much of a chance to talk about the product publicly as we all thought would happen. Lots of reasons why, and so when the chance came, Ellie and I practiced a ton, and then really nailed it. The demo worked (and about 2 people later, the Internet went down). I hit the talking points. It was a good 3.5 minutes. I had to fly back up to the City though (from Santa Clara) because I had to coach soccer.

Oh yeah baby, I’m helping to coach the Swooping Eagles! We’ve got a Tuesday practice run by a pro, and then Saturday it’s me and the other parents. So far, only dads, but I can see a few mom’s itching to make it happen.

We had another conference Wednesday (where I was a booth babe!), and then on the way to the dinner (which is the BEST part of homecoming) Micky got sick. Like up all night, throwing up sick 🙁 So I headed home, and the babies and I spent Thursday not being at home so that Micky could get better. Which meant…


I finally passed my damn belay test. I’ve got a red Planet Granite card to prove it. The first time the guy was like, “I’ve never failed anyone, but I’m going to fail you.” That was bad :-/

The kids though hung out with Liz and Jose Carlos, and got both their top rope and bouldering on. It was really lovely. They’re so good at bonding with people, and I think that they’ve really learned to trust people as well. They look for clues from Micky and I (which makes sense), and then on that assumption they dive in.

Micky got better after a day full of rest (thankfully), and the week ended with seeing Praveen (who is leading in the weight contest right now).

The weekend was its usually mad self with a visit to the pumpkin patch after a Saturday morning soccer game. Today we did ballet, brunch with Betsy & Cody, and a daddy/daughter date for dinner.

Oh shit, I almost forgot… Saturday was our 5th wedding anniversary. And we went to see a movie. And it was AWESOME!!! Definitely go see the Martian. It’s a wonderful movie. We laughed. We cried. We peed our pants. It had it all. I’ll write another post tomorrow about how I think it’s the first science movie I’ve seen that made minorities and women look like heroes. And then we had a quick bite of sushi, and then passed out. Oh what a life!

I’ll add pictures when I download them (not tonight), and I’ll start writing again. But until then, what a week!