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2018 Goals – April Update

tldr; Sometimes you’ve gotta go backwards to go forward again 🙁

Get to 175 lbs
A month where I went backwards. It’s everything. Travel. Stress. More travel. More stress. Not being disciplined about calories. But also, not being committed to the positive benefits that a healthier body would give. I think that’s the big take away I’ve realized lately. If I only do this from a negative place, then I’m always going to lose momentum and fail.

I’ve got to embody healthiness as a positive win for myself, not just a necessary evil to not die.

Screenshot 2018-05-13 08.46.03
April Weight Chart

1 book per month
Reading was fun in April.

Micky got me the Adam Grant book Originals, and I devoured it. It’s superb. In so many fantastic ways. The research is well done. The storytelling is well done. I loved it. You should definitely read this book.

I also – finally – finished The Myth of Sysiphus. The essay itself has incredibly well written highs, and incredibly boring lows. The additional essays tacked on are relatively a miss. But if you were to now ask me why Existentialism became the religion of the 20th century I would completely understand. In the absurdity of post-World War II, facing a Cold War, if you abandoned the existing organized religions, then you honestly had no other choice. It fills so many holes that believing in nothing would leave in your life. Maybe a neo-existenialism will rise up out of the fascism of our modern moment…

2 date nights with Micky
We hopped over the pond to the UK where we did both date nights in one week this month. One was a 2 night getaway to Cornwall (which was AWESOME). And the second was a night where a bunch of our UK friends came down to a little cottage we rented, and hung out with us (which was AWESOME).

And then we spent the rest of the month apart due to travel 🙁 that was less awesome.

1 date per child per quarter
Theo and I snuck in a date day this month. It was small and fun – to Times Square. The highlight was M&Ms with Theo’s name on them. More to be found here.