I just had to send the following email to our landlords who refuse to cooperate with us about showing the property as we get ready to leave it.

[Names redacted]

We are very disappointed that you showed the house on Friday. We could not have seen the notice, and you knew this. You blatantly went behind our backs when we specifically asked you not to enter the house. I understand that you own the property, but as of this moment, and until the end of the month, this is our home. This is where our personal belongings lay. This is where our memories, heirlooms, jewelry, and valuables are stored. The fact that, without the opportunity to collect these things and make sure they were properly stored away, our home was opened up to strangers is completely inexcusable, and beyond decent.

All we’re asking for is a shred of decency, and I don’t think it’s too much to ask when we have done a good job taking care of your property.

We’ve put in a lawn, at personal expense to ourselves, and it looks great.

We’ve dealt with all sorts of shortcomings to the property with very little complaint:
* Backdoor in the kitchen doesn’t open (against code)
* Poor oven that rarely gets to the desired temperature
* No ventilation for the dryer (against code)
* A broken toilet flush
* Low water pressure in the sink in the bathroom
* Really poor electrical wiring in the kitchen (definitely against code)

And ultimately, we’ve kept the house in a condition so that with very little work you could turn it over in the immediate term after we move out of the house.

To ask that our belongings, and our personal space, not be invaded while we get things organized is not asking too much. To ask that we work together to open the house for showings so that it does not interfere with the children’s nap schedule is also not asking too much.

I hope that in the spirit of compromise we can work together moving forward.


I just don’t understand how we went from the best landlord I’ve ever had in Jen Segal to these people. We clearly took Jen for granted, and just didn’t appreciate enough everything that she did for us.

We also too hastily jumped into a contract with people who we had a bad hunch about. If this doesn’t teach me that the product is only the tangible good of a contract nothing will. Understanding the intangibles, and how they will affect the outcome of a contract, is now top of my list of things to watch out for.

I just can’t imagine why anyone would treat someone like this. Pathetic. I’m so pissed off. BTW, my vacation was awesome, until I came home to this shit. Fuck you landlords.