I’m really excited because with the help of eMinutes I’ve been able to formally incorporate Big Fish, Big Pond.

With the paperwork finished, the game plan is to really spend some time exploring my favorite non-video chat problem space – organizing people – which ranges from helping the individual build a better calendar all the way to helping the masses get where they’re going with less friction.

The problem is a new one – born from an ever-more demanding pace without the tools that help us cope with these demands. Being more digital has forced all of us to update our ability to process. However, that transition, in the context of how we organize, has tended to be extremely literal. Our calendars look just like the ones from our mother’s kitchen wall. To figure out where to be, we’re constantly shuffling through emails, text messages, or desperately calling the one person who has the information. Finding time to meet with friends is hard, and even our own neighborhoods seem foreign when we don’t know where to get a hair cut or an ice cream sandwich.

I’m going to really enjoy figuring out these problems. Stay tuned at the Big Fish, Big Pond blogto see the output.