We celebrated Geoff’s 70th birthday tonight.

We actually missed the real deal back in February. We just couldn’t make it back to the UK, and ended up missing two big milestones (Dan turned 30 as well). Instead, we’ve brought Wendy and Geoff up to Bodega Bay (their favorite), and found a cool house (with a hot tub) to hang out.

We spent today at Goat Rock State Park. It was epically windy. But man was it fun. Folks have built a bunch of lean-tos, and other structures. We hid behind a dune and had an awesome picnic. It was a really great day with the family, Wendy, and Geoff.


Then we cooked an awesome Turkish dinner – kofte, shepherd’s salad, yogurt, and then had some dessert. It’s a great weekend to celebrate a great guy.

Happy birthday Geoff.