I always make fun of Saket when he does music posts because it’s always some random, obscure artist no one has ever heard of. Well now it’s my turn 🙂

This weekend when we went up the coast to Jenner, we came back down CA-1, and found a cute little bakery. This group of gals setup shop, and started playing, and the music was quite good.

It’s a bit Dixie Chicks, but also a bit more musical and a bit more blue grass. The music was great. Amelia and Luka both got into it, but were quite embarrassed about putting money in the tip hat. So it goes. When he finally got the guts to do it, Luka didn’t want to stop (a.k.a take money out and then put it back in). Silly boy.

I would generally say don’t listen to me when it comes to music, but I know I’m right on this one – this is a cool group of gals to spend an evening jamming to.