I woke up today at 4:30am, and got downstairs. The driver and I (a huge Arsenal fan who also skipped last night’s game) picked up Ian, and headed to the airport. We hopped on the flight, and headed to Madrid!

It was probably the best possible way to get the most time. The full 2 hour plane ride was diving deep into process, organization, and strategy. I asked a million questions. I got a million and one answers. We went deep, we went wide.

When we got to Telefonica headquarters, I got my badge (which is a process), setup camp, and kept going.

Right around the non-Spanish lunch hour of noon, we bought got hungry. Ian didn’t think the cafeteria would be open, but we said screw it, and headed down there. Got some fried rice. Talked about life.

Ian had a meeting to hop into, and I was going to catch Jorge to talk shop as well. Ian headed out, and apparently I passed out. Next thing I know it’s 4pm (the meeting was at 3:30), but it all worked out, we met up, and we’re off.

When we got back to the UK, Fiona picked us up, and we headed to Bray. We went to a fancy pub, and ate good food, and laughed the night away.

Good day.