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20 days til 30

This idea was contributed by one of my most loyal readers who has asked to stay anonymous. But he’s got a full list of great ideas that I’ll be using over the next few weeks. If you have an idea, then please let me know it!

The things you’ll never be or never get to do.

That’s a great question! Let’s hit the list:

  • I’ll never be on a 30 under 30 list
  • I’ll never be a world-class athlete, play in a World Cup, or make it to the Olympics
  • I’ll never get to be a billionaire before 30… or a millionaire at that

I’ve honestly been thinking about this for 30 minutes now, and I can’t think of anything else that’s definitely off of the list. Is that awesome?

Don’t get me wrong, I could make the list full of things like, “I didn’t hook up with 25 girls before reaching 25”, but I don’t think that matters. And since never is a long time… I can still do most of the things I want to do – start a company, scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, fly to the moon.

I thought this was going to be a pretty depressing post… but I was wrong! Thanks <anonymous question asker> 🙂

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21 days til 30

This idea was contributed by one of my most loyal readers who has asked to stay anonymous. But he’s got a full list of great ideas that I’ll be using over the next few weeks. If you have an idea, then please let me know it!

A way you’ve become more cynical, that makes you sad

I no longer think that the world is inherently good, and that the exception is evil.

I now believe the world is inherently apathetic, and the exception is empathy.

This makes me incredibly sad. Let me dig in a bit more…

When I was going through D.A.R.E (I must have been one of the last classes as far as I can tell), I thought to myself, “Why do they teach us this? Adults are smart enough to know to stop doing drugs. And how much trouble can you get in as a kid anyway.” Well, I was wrong about that, and I was wrong in general that naivety and bad decision making are the purview of the young and innocent (maybe the innocent, but give me that one).

I also never understood that there were a million things wrong with the world. I thought it was genuinely the things on the evening news, and that everything else was exactly like the life I lead.

I think it’s fair to say that by 15 I knew better, but I still believed that the world was inherently good, and that people, to create a good world, inherently helped each other.

Having now lived beside the homelessness situation in San Francisco, read how brothers turn against each in civil wars all over the world, and watched myself not let someone into the lane even though they had their signal on, I know it’s much, much worse than I thought.

I didn’t think though that it was this bad.

I don’t know what the event was nor did I really realize how extremely I’d flipped to the other side until I read that question. As soon as I read it though, I knew what the answer was. Happiness removes entropy from the system. So does anger. In fact, reacting in anyway does so. Only apathy seems to bring the world to its natural place. And that’s awful. But the world keeps proving this true over and over again.

I never thought this way as a 5 year old, and Amelia and Luka don’t see the world that way. I wish I never had. I hope they never have to.

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22 days til 30

Giants win!!

I’ve been here for all three World Series championships and I even had tickets back in 2010. It’s such a cool thing to be part of. And the games were amazing.

But this year was different.

The whole family got into it. Micky had a debate about who the MVP should be. Luka loved watching the games (and he’s not going to understand why they’ve stopped). And even Amelia was willing to watch if it meant not going to bed too early.

So for the first time we became a sports family. And it’s over after about a week. And that feels perfect.

Go Giants! And now back to real life

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23 days til 30

This morning I did family share at Amelia’s school. We learned that we’re in San Francisco, Amelia’s mommy is from England, and her daddy is from Turkey.

We did flags, their colors, and shapes. One historical site.

And then I passed out evil eyes. The kids loved the idea that the eyes keep ghosts away on Halloween.

After I did our reading time. It was a ton of fun, but sitting cross legged for an hour almost killed me 🙂

It made me realize how much I love sharing those moments, and how quickly they seem to be flying by.

I took this photo the other day at drop off knowing it would eventually show up in a blog post. Today is that day. And sometimes the signs on the mirror are just wrong.


Objects aren’t closer. They just keep scooting further and further away.

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24 days til 30

Surprise (Part III)

People change… a lot :-/

I’m really surprised at how much people change when they hit the real world. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s genuinely bad. But most times it’s just a chapter book unfolding with post-college being the first really new chapter of life.

When I stop to think about it, how different was life really from 0 – 18? Parents paid for a bunch of stuff, school, sports, activities, but not lots of real change. I know I’m in the lucky bucket with regards to all of that, and that is what it is.

And then you hit college (well, me and most of my friends did), and… what really changed? Parents still paid for a bunch of things. I got a bunch of jobs, but that was just money in my pocket and 401k. Otherwise a bunch of activities, sports, and that’s about it. Cool, so another four years of being the same old same.

And then it hit! Real life.

Some people got depressed, and couldn’t find jobs. Some people got killer jobs, and just exploded in their career. Others just stalled. And holy smokes did it affect everyone’s personality, outlook, and trajectory.

I know for a fact that I believed in high school and college that we were all in control of our own trajectories. Now I know that that’s not true.

And the way it changed people really surprised me.

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25 days til 30

Life advice (Part II)

Don’t know a life without children.

You’ll never be “ready” for kids. You’ll never have lived enough that kids won’t take away from something that you want to do. And there will always be deep, dark moments where being 29, single, and child-free seems blissfully easier.

But man, oh man, is all of that wrong.

Have kids. Have them early enough to chase them, and not hurt your knees. Have them when you still remember high school math so you can help them with theirs. Don’t be so busy or so important that a Halloween Parade has to be skipped, or a weekend birthday party is just inconvenient.

When thinking about whether to add to the family count, our good friend Paul Napthali said, “You’ll never regret the ones you have, but you may regret the ones you don’t”

Because all in all, it really is the greatest thing to love and be loved in the eyes of a 2 & 3 year old.



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26 days til 30

Life advice (Part I)

There’s a common piece of advice that I got from tons of folks in life which is just plain wrong, and I learned it was wrong over the last decade:

The world says, “Don’t get married young. Enjoy life first, and get to experience things a bit more.”

The world is wrong.

I think that the real checklist isn’t some magic number or set of odd ball life experiences. Instead it should be:

  • Make sure you’ve paid your own bills for at least a year
  • Make sure you’ve gotten into a major disagreement, and survived
  • Ask yourself if you could imagine the children you want to have being exactly like that person

And then go for it.

You could still be completely wrong. But, you’ve proven a few basics about yourself and your relationship.

Everything else is what you’re willing to put into it.

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27 days til 30

Surprises (Part II)

It’s a huge surprise to me how slowly career moves. Advancement happens after being in a place, learning the right way to do things (often after doing it the wrong way first), and then a lot of timing and luck.

It’s not how I expected it to happen at all. Not because I didn’t expect to work hard for the advancement, but because I didn’t appreciate everything else that gets in the way.

Flat organizations make it hard to move.

Staying and not hopping around makes it hard to move.

Changing functions makes it hard to move.

And it was really hard. Friends moved faster. Other opportunities kept showing up.

But when it happened damn did I feel like I’d earned it. I was wrong 🙂 but it felt so good.

I guess the real lesson is that a 1000 step journey may take longer than it first appears, but getting there is wonderful.

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28 days til 30

Surprises (Part I)

The biggest surprise for me has been how quickly my body fell off.

It’s fair to say that I didn’t do a killer job of taking care of myself in the back half of college. I ate as I normally did, and exercised much, much less. But I didn’t really understand how much it was going to affect me.

I’m down to one or two miles at a time – max.

I’m down to one or two games of soccer in a row – max.

And my knees hurt, my muscles need to be stretched, and now my achilles is starting to hurt too 🙁

Ian calls it AAS – Aging Athlete Syndrome.

I know elite athletes tend to peak at 26, and then plateau, and then look for a new job. But I didn’t think it would hit me like that.

And so I’m going to have to find a way, in this next decade, to committing myself to a better exercise regimen (probably a lot more swimming & biking & golf, and less soccer and running). I should eat better too, but that just won’t happen.

Come on body. You can do it!!

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29 days til 30

Since Micky and I are both hitting a decade this year, we (well, me really, but let’s say we for arguments sake) started to talk about decade goals.

A decade is a really long time, and so the goal needs to be long lasting, but also audacious. And, as life has taught me over and over again, a goal has to be measurable.

So we’ve come up with two:

  1. Pay off the mortgage on the house
  2. Fully fund the college funds for the babies

Within those is embedded freedom from our biggest debts, an ability to generate further wealth, immense flexibility for the rest of our lives, and a big, hairy, audacious goal for the decade.