Life advice (Part II)

Don’t know a life without children.

You’ll never be “ready” for kids. You’ll never have lived enough that kids won’t take away from something that you want to do. And there will always be deep, dark moments where being 29, single, and child-free seems blissfully easier.

But man, oh man, is all of that wrong.

Have kids. Have them early enough to chase them, and not hurt your knees. Have them when you still remember high school math so you can help them with theirs. Don’t be so busy or so important that a Halloween Parade has to be skipped, or a weekend birthday party is just inconvenient.

When thinking about whether to add to the family count, our good friend Paul Napthali said, “You’ll never regret the ones you have, but you may regret the ones you don’t”

Because all in all, it really is the greatest thing to love and be loved in the eyes of a 2 & 3 year old.