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It’s all about perspective 

Three graphs, and three very different stories. 

Here is graph #1:  

It’s not bad. The highest weight is 199. The lowest weight is 187. And I feel really good that heading into April that I’ll solidly be in the 180s. That downward slope feels wonderful, and looks ok I’m the mirror too. This graph makes me smile. 

And then there’s graph #2: 

Now there’s a bigger gap. The slope isn’t as steep. But there’s a goal there, and one that can be reached. Generally neutral from an emotional point of view. 

But then there’s graph #3: 

There’s almost no slope. The goal doesn’t feel good enough. And the emotions clearly drop to frustrated and demotivated. 

It’s all about perspective…


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Beekeeping update

The bees are ordered!

They arrive on April 11. There will be a queen, and her newly adopted family of 10k bees. 

I have 2 more frames to paint. I have an entire stand to build. And then the infrastructure to support the bees will be finished. 

This weekend, I got to go to a local community garden, and actually open a box. It’s amazing. This box had, according to the beekeeper, 40k bees. They’re everywhere, and yet 10 feet away you wouldn’t even know a hive existed. I think that’s evolution at its best. It behooves the bees to disappear into the background, and they’re good at it.

When I saw this army of bees though tending to the brood, eggs laid, new bees eating their way out (e.g. Being born), it was just awesome.

I’m glad I got a suit for the kids because getting them involved is going to be a blast!

It will be 3 – 6 weeks for the bees to acclimate. Then a few weeks more until we have a full honey box. So by 4th of July I’m hoping we can celebrate with some great honey based dishes. 

It’s all very exciting!

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It’s ok to be afraid… Why not?

Amelia had the preschool bungalow assembly today. It consisted of each class singing a song, and then the whole preschool singing one song together.

Check out the video here: Amelia’s PS3 assembly song

At Pizza Friday that evening (where we went to Delfina – #mickyfail), I asked Amelia about the performance, and she said,

Well. I was scared, but I kept singing, and everything was ok

and I thought to myself how grown up that analysis sounded.
It was spot on to what happened where in the first song she looked at her older friend Naomi to help her, and then did really wonderfully by herself on the second song.

That was just a lovely moment.

Amelia's PS3 assembly group song
Amelia’s PS3 assembly group song
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Hitting emotional bankruptcy

I’m in a bad place.

Ian used to tell me all of the time how I’d get stuck in ruts, and it was my job as a leader in the company to get out, and help move people forward. But I’m in one of those ruts where it just feels like it’s too hard to do.

It’s really coming from every direction too.

Luka tells me he doesn’t want me. He doesn’t like me. He only likes his mom. (Amelia does the opposite to Micky. It’s just purely mean).

My dad busted his tooth, and I found out because I’m on a WhatsApp group with a bunch of students working on a project he and I are brainstorming together. If I weren’t on that group, then I’d never have found out.

The family is sick. I’m allergic to the backyard for the next month until all of this pollen goes away.

I’ve lost 40% capacity on the PM side at work, and that’s just plain hard. There’s a bunch of other stuff here too, but I’ll publish those another day.

I don’t know where to win. I don’t know where the next win is coming from. And most of all, and actually scariest of all, I don’t know if it will be enough. But damn do I need a win right now 🙁

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My $140 date night

It all started when we saw the trailer for The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. We knew we would go on opening night because that’s our people.

So I pre-ordered the tickets because a Friday night at the Kabuki Theater is quite the crap shoot for a good seat. That’s $11 per ticket plus a $3 processing fee. Oh, and by the way, I print out the damn ticket so whatever they’re processing isn’t the ticket.

So far, we’re at $30 let’s call it.

Then, we have to get the babysitter. And we love her to death. She’s amazing. The going rate in San Francisco is $20 per hour. And the movie starts at 8pm which means she has to put the kids to bed. So she might as well come early enough to calm any fears, and successfully put the kids to bed. It means 4 hours of babysitting – another $80.

Now we’re at $110.

And it’s not a movie without snacks. Humphrey Slocum ice cream, two drinks, and a small popcorn will cost you a smooth $30. Isn’t that lovely?

So we got to $140.

Don’t worry about the $4 parking garage fee. At that point, who cares?

Oh man, and we wonder why we never go out anywhere 🙁

At least the movie was fantastic 🙂