It all started when we saw the trailer for The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. We knew we would go on opening night because that’s our people.

So I pre-ordered the tickets because a Friday night at the Kabuki Theater is quite the crap shoot for a good seat. That’s $11 per ticket plus a $3 processing fee. Oh, and by the way, I print out the damn ticket so whatever they’re processing isn’t the ticket.

So far, we’re at $30 let’s call it.

Then, we have to get the babysitter. And we love her to death. She’s amazing. The going rate in San Francisco is $20 per hour. And the movie starts at 8pm which means she has to put the kids to bed. So she might as well come early enough to calm any fears, and successfully put the kids to bed. It means 4 hours of babysitting – another $80.

Now we’re at $110.

And it’s not a movie without snacks. Humphrey Slocum ice cream, two drinks, and a small popcorn will cost you a smooth $30. Isn’t that lovely?

So we got to $140.

Don’t worry about the $4 parking garage fee. At that point, who cares?

Oh man, and we wonder why we never go out anywhere 🙁

At least the movie was fantastic 🙂