Every year’s Ramazan (using the Turkish spelling) brings with it so many emotions. An anxiousness to reflect. A sense of doom. An optimism about the month ahead. But I think most of all a reminder of connectedness with something larger than myself.

The hours are finally reaching a point of not being physically destructive. After 25 years of experimenting I’ve finally figured out the best foods. And so as I down my first peanut butter, banana, and mom’s homemade strawberry jam, I’m focusing this year on three goals:

(1) Spend purposeful time in reflection and forcing myself to both write down and confront those reflections.

(2) No angry and negative thoughts about the people around me.

(3) Maintain an exercise regimen – no matter how simple – to invest in mind, soul, and body. But not in a way that would leave me worse off for trying.

My hope is that I can really unlock what this last year has done to me, and find the good and the bad and the growth.

But first I’m going to chug down another 20 Oz of water before the threads of the sun come over the edges of the horizon.

Good luck to everyone and may Allah accept your fast.