The bees are ordered!

They arrive on April 11. There will be a queen, and her newly adopted family of 10k bees. 

I have 2 more frames to paint. I have an entire stand to build. And then the infrastructure to support the bees will be finished. 

This weekend, I got to go to a local community garden, and actually open a box. It’s amazing. This box had, according to the beekeeper, 40k bees. They’re everywhere, and yet 10 feet away you wouldn’t even know a hive existed. I think that’s evolution at its best. It behooves the bees to disappear into the background, and they’re good at it.

When I saw this army of bees though tending to the brood, eggs laid, new bees eating their way out (e.g. Being born), it was just awesome.

I’m glad I got a suit for the kids because getting them involved is going to be a blast!

It will be 3 – 6 weeks for the bees to acclimate. Then a few weeks more until we have a full honey box. So by 4th of July I’m hoping we can celebrate with some great honey based dishes. 

It’s all very exciting!