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He’s too big!!


Luka is now bigger than Amelia in weight (34 vs 32 lbs.), but she’s holding on to those 1.5 inches with all her effort.

I genuinely wonder what happens when he passed her, and how their power relationship tilts.

Right now, more than weight, it’s really about motor skills. But man he’s catching up fast, and then she’s going to have to be smarter.

They grow up so fast.

Luka climbs out of his crib


Today is my half birthday. The last one of my third decade of life. That’s right… I’ll be 30 in November.

And so it was quite fitting that so many fun things happened today.

First… Micky got me a subscription to National Geographic magazine! When we went up the North Coast for Easter, the house we rented had a million issues of NatGeo around. We said, “Wouldn’t it be a cool subscription?”, and it looks like Micky pulled it off.

Yes – I do celebrate my half birthday. Get over it 🙂

Then… the kids start chattering away at their bedtime. This is really a Luka driven thing. So there’s squeaking, and some chatting. Then some yelling. Then a voice from the hallway. But it’s not Amelia’s voice. And Luka is in his crib.

Well, Mr. Luka James had pulled his baggy off, crawled out of his crib, opened the door (big no no for Amelia who was trying to stop him), and walked into the hallway – quite proud of himself.

Oh man, oh man. These kids are going to get me.

Anyway, today was a good day.

The day after


And she’s up and on her scooter. What a star!

Today, I told Luka on my way to work, “Luka, I love you” and he says back to me, “Thanks”.


They’re just goofballs. Long may it last.

Amelia’s surgery


Amelia has just gotten out of surgery for a new hernia she developed a few months ago.

All is well.

Hopefully this is the end of the road with her oemophalocele related stuff. You can never say never, but it would be really nice.

Thank God we live in San Francisco where the best of the best in pediatric and neo-natal surgeons can be found. Sometimes these things happen for a reason.