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Week 5, 2023 – From surviving to thriving


The gap in the last two weeks really says it all. Micky was sick. I was super frustrated at work. The kids kept hustling like they always do, but it still isn’t easy.

I think Eevee even understood the moment was exhausting.

But we got through! Micky and I found a good Italian spot on Atlantic Ave for our first proper date night of the year. And we turned the energy around.

Last Saturday we were in Catskill for a Pokémon tournament while the girls went skiing. Today I’m at a Pokémon tournament in Orlando while the girls go to Universal Studios 😂😭😂

Luka took his Mark Twain test on Sunday to kick off the week. I hope he did well, and he seems pretty happy with it.

Micky headed out early Tuesday morning for a week away which is always tough. I made it worse by going to the Lakers game the night before and it just meant I missed her more. Also, Lebron didn’t play and so that was a bummer.

Amelia’s doing the news most mornings and she’s out the door by herself. Makes lunches the night before. The emergence of an independent person is amazing. Even if it’s happening a bit too fast.

This week she joined the hip hop dance team and all I can say is thank goodness I have rhythm I passed down to her. I’m excited to have her bring some new hip hop into the house though the first set of songs are all 00s classics.

Work took a positive turn this week, and I think we’re on the verge of something really grand. Still trying to get the little pieces settled and the big picture written down, but feeling a renewed sense of urgency that was missing before.

Micky had a huge presentation this week, and she says it went well. The outfit she bought was Carolina blue so it couldn’t have gone that well 😂🙃

Oh and the house. It’s finally making proper progress. I think we’re gonna start to see doors go up. Tiling will finish soon.

There are still some open questions that make no sense to me as to why they’re still open, but the finish line is near. Much nearer than it has felt for a long, long time.

It’s been a good week after a few bad ones. I’m glad the balance is shifting back in our favor.