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Week 1, 2022 – Starts with chaos


Amelia, Luka, and I got back from the UK Monday, but due to COVID restrictions Micky and Theo got stuck.

It’s an incredibly tough situation to figure out as they’re both past the point of being infectious but unable to test negative. Maybe a doctor’s note is the solution, but why would a doctor write the note? It’s 2-years into COVID and our solutions are still so elementary.

So the trio landed, got to Whole Foods and shopped for a week’s worth of lunches and snacks. We got home. Unpacked. And crashed.

Despite the split start, it was a good week. We were up early every day due to the jet lag. I’ve kept my daily Peloton going with a mix of bike, meditation, and yoga.

I have to say that the yoga classes are quickly becoming my favorite. The feeling afterwards of having dynamically stretched for 30 minutes is amazing.

But back to the week. Theo – despite being in England – seemed to be having an amazing time. Especially with his partner in crime Odys the Dog

The kids are back in their rhythm with school and we weren’t late to school once.

The big adventure this week was figuring out how to get to CES for the annual pilgrimage. Amelia decided to stay in NY with her BFF Louisa while Luka has joined the men for the pilgrimage. Photos to come!

The snow storm didn’t make it easy as many a flight got canceled. But as I type we’re on our way!

So despite the distance and frustration – a good week.

What a year you were 2021


In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy – “Well that escalated quickly didn’t it?”

I have this desire to write that 2021 didn’t bring the promised relief of 2020, but when I look at it objectively that isn’t true. As a family, we’re vaccinated, fully employed, and living a relatively pre-pandemic life.

From the point of view of those three things – 2021 was a massive win.

But there’s still a weight to the year that I wasn’t expecting that seems to be just hanging over us. While acknowledging that, and wanting to write about it more, instead I’ll kick off this year’s weekly family updates with a highlight of the things we most enjoyed from 2021.

From Amelia:

  • Hanging out with her friends – Louisa, Maelle, and Anya
  • Being able to go to England for Christmas

From Luka:

  • Hanging out with his pod and going back to school
  • Playing quarterback for his flag football team

From Theo:

  • Going to school with his friends
  • Getting to build legos

From Micky:

  • Our trip through California this summer

From me:

  • Being able to spend time with friends and family who then moved away from NYC
  • Spending time with those who were there and stayed as well

Here’s to a healthy, happy 2022 for all of us.