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Week 2, 2023 – Doruk’s book reading


The highlight of this week was Doruk’s book reading in Minneapolis.

I flew out Thursday, worked all day, and then when that was said and done we got into book reading mode. The event was fantastic. All of the authors crushed it. Afterwards we went out and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

On Friday, I came back and we toured the house. We’re finally making progress. It’s feeling more and more like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I’m learning a lot about things I’m sure they never intended for me to see, but with the project as late as it is – we don’t have time to use the traditional playbook.

I’m really optimistic that we made a huge dent this last month or so. I’m really hoping that big swaths of this project are done now, and we can start the sprint to the finish line. There’s still about 1/3 of the race to go, but I think we’ll get to the final 10% quickly now.

Kids are doing great. Amelia brought home a few graded projects – all of them A’s of some sort. We’re finishing up From the desk of Zoe Washington and it’s getting really exciting.

Theo is starting more playdates with his crew, and I’m really excited about that. Even as who his crew is fluctuates the most important thing is that they are his chosen people and not the siblings of his siblings friends.

Amelia and I went upstate this past weekend and brought down 1 gallon water bottles. We’re all drinking more water as a result, and I think it’s going to be great for us!

First ski run this weekend though I think it will be just the kids. Let’s see how much snow there is.

This was a good week. I hope there are many more like it!

Week 1, 2023 – Of course chaos rules the day


The week saw us leaving Catskill to start back at work, get Mike back to the UK after he broke his wrist, and get a new school semester kicked off.

No Angelica meant that it was even more complicated, and Micky ended up back in England with Mike for 3-days as well.

Moments like this are really where the kids shine – and I also realize how impossible having a fourth child would be in our lives. They got up and made their lunches – including Theo making an all candy and goldfish lunch one day 😂. After school they were patient with me forgetting or being late. We had playdates and good energy through the week.

On Friday, I went to get food for dinner and came back to a scene in the backyard. I thought they’d locked themselves out, but no. They were cleaning up a ton of Eevee poop in the backyard and Theo refused to pick up any poop 😂😂😂 we figured it out in the end, but it was hilarious.

Amelia and I are gonna head upstate for the weekend while the boys do Brooklyn play dates.

The house is also making a lot of progress. HVAC should be close to done. Plumbing is moving. We’ve gotta get electrical moving and I’m getting the utilities updated. Roof is almost done. Back wall is making slow progress. I think there’s a path to March, but we’ve gotta get it done right. Let’s see if we can pull that off.

I’ve decided to skip CES this year, and I’m bummed, but hanging out with the babies is the right choice. The times are definitely changing.

Though chaotic, it was a pretty Önvural start to the new year, and a sign that 2023 is going to be memorable- for what reason I don’t know, but let’s see ❤️