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Happy birthday Amelia!


Darling Amelia.

You turned three years old today.

What a year we shared together. You started school last August, and you’re getting ready to “graduate”. We’ve moved house, travelled across the US, met elephant seals, learned to communicate, did potty training, and so much more.

You hate to sleep. Especially alone. In fact, you weren’t sleeping through the night until just recently. And breaking that pattern was so incredibly difficult.

Your favorite songs were:

  • Anything by Miley Cyrus but especially “Wrecking Ball”
  • Anything from Frozen but especially “Let it Go”
  • ABCD
  • Old McDonald had a farm

Your best friend could be any of:

  • Lilah (from school and soccer)
  • Lucy Green
  • Luka (you guys can’t stand to be apart… or together)

Your favorite activities were:

  • Gym class every Saturday morning
  • Swimming
  • Going to the zoo
  • The Pet Store on 31st and Judah
  • Scooting in the park
  • Hanging out with Doruk

We travelled to

  • North Carolina (twice)
  • Myrtle Beach (and we’ll never do that again)
  • Pescadero over Christmas

Your major life events were

  • Starting school in August 2013
  • Moving to a new house in February 2014
  • Learning to scooter around the neighborhood
  • Surgery in May to close up another hernia

Developmentally you continue to amaze us. Your speech is fantastic (even though you can’t hit a pronoun to save your life). You’re athletically so talented. Fast. Coordinated. But you’re still a bit shy around other kids. You’re much better with adults.

You love Luka so much.

And you give the best kisses that any dad could ask for.

Happy birthday darling Amelia. When you’re finally old enough to read this, I just hope you’ll still curl up in my arms, and fall asleep on my shoulder, and not be too big to be my baby girl.

I love you.