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Week 27, 2023 – Is this what a light at the end of the tunnel looks like?


I haven’t posted since February.

We’ve lived in 5 AirBnBs since then. We still don’t live in our own home. And as I type this at 1am on a quiet Saturday morning in July it’s still likely to be September before we do. And yet – at least September is within the same quarter as the one we’re in.

We’ve traveled to Belize for a family vacation – it was fantastic.

The kids have all finished another grade of school with phenomenal report cards and comments from their teachers. Luka graduated 5th grade to boot, and is heading to Mark Twain Middle School (our #1 choice). He had to test in, and so I’m even more proud of him for that.

Moving constantly, and living in a suitcase constantly, is miserable. But through it all we’ve been together, housed, fed, and generally happy.

I’m too tired to type much more. But the very feint light of optimism is starting to shine inside me again, and that’s the beginning of a good feeling.