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Vacationing in Hawaii


We took a vacation to Hawaii this past week. It was our first vacation since our Tamales Bay expo with a little baby Amelia in July 2011. This has been a LONG time coming.

We went back to Maui (which was the site of our babymoon before Amelia), but this time we booked a condo. We learned that restaurants on Maui are expensive, with okay food, and too many people, and so we wanted our own space, our own kitchen, and then more room for the babies.

Our sunsets were amazing. We faced due West, and so it was hot as could be in the afternoon. But then as the sun went over that point in the sky where heat goes away it was just our couch, and this glowing pink orb across the Pacific Ocean. It was so beautiful.

Micky got me an underwater camera for our anniversary present. It was a totally awesome gift. Taking photos underwater is quite hard. A lot harder than I thought for a bunch of different reasons than originally anticipated, but I didn’t do horribly I don’t think. Here is one:

You can see the rest of them here. I’m really excited to keep practicing, though it might be a lot of pool time until I can get back into the ocean.

Amelia absolutely LOVED the ocean. She was running in the waves, and splashing about. We took some videos, but I haven’t had a chance to download them yet. She also tanned fantastically, and there were no incidents of sun burn (except for Micky, for whom I’m not responsible for her skincare).

Luka and I bonded quite a bit too. It was awesome.

I really needed the time off, came back refreshed, and now I’m really excited about the next adventures coming on the horizon.

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