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A back up needs a back up


The nanny got sick today. We don’t have a back up plan. Burned…

Parenthood teaches you very quickly to expect that your back up needs a back up. It’s not enough to expect the kid to get dirty. They’re going to get dirty, and then pee through their diaper. One set of back up clothes is never enough.

Same with snacks (you’ll get stuck in traffic, and need a back up plan). Same with diapers

The hard part is that when people are involved it gets harder and harder to have a back up plan. Without having some infinite cash flow to hold folks on retainer, how the hell do you build up a network of nannies and babysitters that make this problem go away?

The real answer is… live close to family. Especially family who are keen to help out with the kids.

But in that we’ve made a pretty big commitment that doesn’t make that easy… we need a back up plan.

The hard part of the back up plan is the kids. They have a routine. They have patterns, favorites, likes, and dislikes. Getting someone caught up on all of this part time feels impossible. Interviewing for nannies is hard. I just don’t know how we pull it off…

I guess we just get them into school 🙂

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