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Hide (or don’t) and seek


The babies have fallen in love with playing hide and seek. Except… there’s no mystery to how they play πŸ™‚

The game usually goes something like this

Amelia and Luka go into bed time delay mode by suggesting a rousing game of hide-and-seek. Amelia usually says something along the lines of, “Mummy, Luka, Mummy, Luka you be a dinosaur. Me and daddy hide in daddy’s bed.”

So let’s break it down… a successful game of hide-and-seek seems to involve

  1. Dinosaurs chasing you down, and attempting to eat you. There’s a lot of cannibalism in our family as the babies are so sweet that cheeks, chins, tummies, and feet are regularly eaten. This has clearly translated into their play
  2. Knowing where someone is is a requirement to the game
  3. The “dinosaurs” need to make loud noises pretending to not know where the hiders are.
  4. When the “dinosaurs” finally pounce on the hiders everyone squeals in delight

That is, unless you’re Luka. You see if you’re Luka then you can’t wait, and you pull the covers down, pop out of the bed, and yell, “Mummy. I here!” over and over again until you’re discovered. And then you squeal in delight anyway.

What will those goofballs think of next to not have to go to bed. I can only imagine πŸ™‚

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