One week has passed since I’ve come to California. The first week was really one long adjustment period. It’s a week worth of learning a new town, getting used to a new time zone, and, ultimately, trying to impress the boss. My manager’s, what IBM calls my mentor, name is Eishay Smith. He’s a really smart guy who has essentially created the project we’re doing in the field. Our challenge now is to get the basics of the technology working and in place after which we’ll change the world. It’s the beginning of something that’s going to be great.

In town we’ve gone out once. We went to a bar called Tres Gringoes, which happened to be a terrible idea. It was 95% guy with a small percentage of attractive girls amongst the 5% that were there. My roommate did however find himself a local. I don’t think it really worked out, but he tried. Saturday night I went to go see the Break Up which wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. It exists somewhere in the contiuum between the two. Total craziness.

Also, how about them Hurricanes? Down 3-0, they come back to win the game 5-4. I just hope people don’t try to marginalize the win based on the goalie situation. 4 goals were scored on their starting goalkeeper. Also, my boss at the Cary News, Grant Halverson, got the front image on, which totally rocks socks.

Anyway, so far so good. Off to bed.