And so it ends. My head hurts, my neck hurts, and my eyes hurt. I’ve grown a lot these last few days, and I know this workshop was worth it. The faculty were great, but their ability to teach was severely hampered by the fact that there were too few of them, and too many of us.

I woke up, took a 30 minute shower, and headed out to football. I had a great day. I got good photos, I timed things well, and then I got the shot. During the second half, I just played around with the light and the fan’s umbrellas, and whatever else. It was definitely one of my better football performances in a long time. I’m happy.

From there, I got some dinner, and headed to volleyball. Volleyball kicked my ass. I mean, it kicked my ass. Good, when you’re up, and you fall, you appreciate the ride. But gosh was it hard. Why? I was trying to shoot with a 300mm, and it just didn’t work. The game was too fast, I was too slow, and my frustration was through the roof. What did I do? I went back to a comfort zone, and then started working out of it. I didn’t get great stuff, but I got good work. Then, I started getting lucky. And finally, I made a shot. I’d like to see the reaction to a the pictures that I chose for today, because they aren’t what I would have turned in in the past.

We didn’t have a review tonight, so I went out with Bryan, who I interned with this summer, and Lena, his beautiful, Lebanese girlfriend. Not that Bryan isn’t a good looking guy, but the Internet is a pretty judgemental place. We saw the film “The Prestige” which was really good for about 97%, but had a terrible ending. I think I’m going to sleep tonight, and write about it tomorrow.

Good-bye Sports Shooter Academy…