And so it ends…

Reflections on five days of photography, sports, new people, and new ideas.

  1. Have fewer students. That might have meant that I didn’t make it in, and I understand that, but there need to be at most 20 students. If there are only 5 faculty, then you need to make sure that there are fewer students. The face-to-face time is crucial, and some students just gave up having someone look at their work because there were too many of us, and too few of them
  2. I really enjoyed the classes, but I felt that they were a bit disconnected from the reality of my situation. For lighting, get two 550EXs and set up location lighting. That’s where I am economically, and that’s what I want to learn right now. When I’m ready for what’s next, then it’s my job to get assistant positions that teach me those skills.
  3. If you can find a good photographer to assist, then you’ll learn a lot about how to become a good photographer. Given the opportunity, assist. That’s where you learn workflows, ideas, etc. I definitely saw how much it can really help
  4. Stop and appreciate for one moment the beauty of what you’re doing. Here you are, taking pictures (which you love to do), surrounded by others who should be challenging you, and mentored by the best. That’s pretty cool. The best part is knowing that GPS does that for you everyday.

I grew up a lot as a photographer this week. I’m happy about that. I said that I wanted to get to the next level when I started the workshop. I don’t know if I’m there, but now I know what it will take.

the pictures…