My “Summer of Zimbra” has reached day 2. It actually progressed through a full T-14 days of cross country road travel, but I haven’t really gotten my head completely around that yet. I also haven’t quite figured out what it means to be a college graduate. I know there are all sorts of positives, but all I really want is for the feeling to sink in. That takes a lot longer than I thought it would.

I think working for a smaller company rocks. I did it my first summer, and I’m doing it my last summer. You can constantly learn. I think that’s what makes this experience great. On the flip side, it’s grown enough to where I don’t think I’m going to learn everything. The new trend in online is going offline, and I think that that’s an area I won’t get to touch. It would be cool to learn what that entails as it’s being developed, but that might end up being self initiated. A big win for me is that my project is very customer facing. Upped responsibility, which will hopefully equate to upped reward. So far, so good.