First week of the college football season is about to come to a close as the Miami/FSU game is about to start. I had a horrible week of gambling, but a really great time just watching the games. I got my parent’s Slingbox going to watch some East Coast games, and then ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 going locally to watch the rest. Some interesting first observations:

  • Not a fan of the defenseless receiver rule in practice, though I love it in theory. No one wants a player to get hurt, I don’t care how much you hate the other team. But this kind of rule feels so subjective, and it feels as if some really big games are going to be spun on a defenseless hit penalty, and it just frustrates me that the refs have that control
  • The ACC is a lot worse than I thought. I think the top of the ACC is competitive, but after the top four teams, this weekend was really disappointing. At least there’s basketball season…
  • I think the Big 12 lost some of its luster this season with the Sam Bradford injury. That said, Oklahoma State is a bit better than I had anticipated, and I don’t think Texas will be challenged too much this season given their schedule, and a likely Bradford out for the year
  • The Pac 10 is still boring whether you live on the West coast or the East coast.

Finally, I just wanted to throw out my results for this week, and I will update on Wednesday night my picks for this upcoming week (including a play on the Ohio State/Southern Cal game).

Oregon (+4) at Boise State => LOST
Akron at Penn State (-27) => LOST
BYU (+22.5) vs. Oklahoma (neutral site) => WON
Navy at Ohio State (-22) => LOST
Record: 1-3-0