Much has been made of moving through the first decade of this century (and of course this millennium) with all of the “Best of” and “Top 10 of” lists written by newspapers, magazines, blogs and the rest. It’s hard work to look back and try to understand the best of what has happened. Do we focus on the positives? Graduating high school and college. Getting my first job. Finding Micky. It’s not really worth reliving the negatives. They are better off left in the past.

This post is about looking into the future. It’s vast, it’s scary, and it’s full of opportunity. To really jump into the next year with both feet, I’ve decided to set ten resolutions for myself. In picking my resolutions, I had a couple of metrics in mind. First, the resolutions should be easy to measure. It should be put into the public eye, which I think gives a higher incentive to get the resolution accomplished. It should also somehow improve my ability to accomplish my longer term goals, which I’m going to document in another post this month. All of that said, the final list is:

  1. Lose 25 pounds by June 1st
  2. Play a round of golf in the 80s
  3. Increase my personal savings by one-third
  4. Finish the initial BFBP product
  5. Blog five times per month
  6. Visit one new country, and three new places
  7. Run a half-marathon
  8. Learn to Tango
  9. Support Micky in helping her stop biting her nails
  10. Support Micky in helping her finish her sailing qualifications

I really do think that I’ve got a list here that’s going to set me up to be both happier today, and a better me in the future. I’ll be keeping track of my progress on this blog (which will help with item #5). What are your resolutions? What are you doing to make sure that you accomplish them?

Welcome 2010, and let the fun begin!