I can’t quite put my finger on why, but Friday was an amazing day.

A lot of pretty large projects finally came together, and I really feel like came to a conclusion. Finish lines are too damn difficult to find in their own right, but when you cross two or three together at the same time it’s really a nirvana experience.

It was an intriguing blog post by Brad Feld detailing the 99% committer that helped me realize we were stuck. Everyone wanted one more ounce of promise about direction, marketing or resource commitment before things crossed the finish line. There were good reasons for all of the above, and it wasn’t done out of malcontent or ill intentions, but nonetheless it had to be worked through. Ian let me know that we were, “paying the penalty lap”. It’s an end game that I hope to not make the mistake of replaying anytime soon.

When I announced that Friday was a good day, I got a really good ribbing. You see, I bitch and moan like crazy, and Ian only hears about one-quarter of it (poor guy). Amelia hears the rest, but she just smiles through it all so I’m not too concerned for her. Underneath all of that energy is an anxiousness born from the need to be three steps further ahead, and prepared for what’s coming even beyond that. What this process taught me though was the importance of the present.

Lesson learned: If you don’t hustle the present moment, then there is no future worth planning for.

The theme for the next few months for me is definitely going to be (a) get project started, (b) mature project into product, (c) get product out the door.

Item (a) is too easy. It’s easy to the point where you really end up trying to do as many (a) as possible without worrying about the rest. It’s hustling through (b) and (c) that’s going to win the game though, and that’s a very important skill to build.

Video chat is about to explode, and we’re on the door step of the first anniversary of the OpenTok prototype. The next few weeks will mark the first round of video chat solutions drawing their line in the sand about what/who will win the long term real time communication space. We’re definitely a flyweight trying to win in the heavyweight division, but we can bite ears off with the best of them.

And we’re going to do it by out-hustling the big boys today, and not worrying about tomorrow.

At least not too much

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