Amelia has had her surgery, and is doing very well. I was most definitely scared shitless on Monday of this week, but am now much happier, and most definitely relieved.

They gave her a little belly button, and it’s quite cute. That’s the last plastic surgery that she’ll ever get as far as I’m concerned though.

I just want to thank everyone who has supported us through all of this. The amazing team at TokBox who never once said that Micky or I couldn’t go to get things done for Amelia. The family and friends who have called, texted, and emailed. And of course my darling Micky without whom I never would have survived this whole ordeal.

If ever there is someone out there who needs help through a birth defect situation, and specifically an oemophalocele, please contact me on this blog. The biggest thing we need in these moments is someone who listens, and after the miracle I’ve just lived the least I could do is be an ear to someone who needs it.

The next amazing Amelia update will hopefully be about the big 1. I can’t wait 🙂