So I’ve decided to be much more vigorous in writing on my blog mainly because it’s a channel for many things, a practice pad for many more, and a chance to dump my thoughts out of my head and onto the proverbial pad. As a result, Sunday’s will become life update days, Monday’s will be Amelia’s Piano update days, and then I’ll figure out the rest as it comes.

We’re back in San Francisco!

We’re living in Noe Valley, which is an amazing little spot in San Francisco. We walk to Whole Foods, one of a million coffee shops, restaurants, or bars, two different parks, a library, and the highway is just minutes away. It’s ideal. This is where we’ve decided to start to look for housing, and I think Micky and I are both really excited about it.

It has taken from Tuesday to Saturday for the kids to adjust to the jet lag. I have to give both of them massive credit as I think they did a wonderful job. It helped that we’re such awesome parents, but no need to rag on myself :-p

(Oh, I just thought that Wednesday should be Weight Update Wednesday… good one)

Work is going well, and opportunities are definitely there to be grabbed. Simultaneously, my personal project,, has a strong community, and is a really great place to hang out if you like talking about cool web content with a group of self-labeled smart people 🙂

My uncle Aydin Yardim from my dad’s side came to visit this weekend, and we had a great time. He came Friday night, and Micky had cooked lasagna, and we ate fancy dessert from Whole Foods. I made a Winter Squash Penne with Mint Salad from Jamie Oliver’s “15 minute Recipes” cookbook. It took us an hour :-/ with 2 of us doing it :-/ :-/

Another interesting first this week… Miss Amelia fell flat on her face and got a nasty bloody nose. Mr. Luka has 2 bottom teeth.

Oh, and NC State beat #1 Duke to go tops of the ACC!

So I’ll leave you with a bit of a slide show, a big smile, and a lot of optimism for the year ahead. I have new year resolutions to write up, a cool project for Amelia’s birthday to work on, and a secret, new project that I hope to launch in February to look forward to. It’s going to be a great 2013!