This real world thing is tough!

It’s really amazing how quickly we got used to not having a schedule, demands on our time (outside the babies), and responsibility. But we’re back, and it’s full steam ahead.

We’ve run the numbers (and boy are they big numbers), and realized that we’re going to have to rent for one more year. That’s quite tough for me as I’m really looking forward to a permanent place. I’m very much over renting from folks. But, without a good idea of how much school is going to cost, and how much we can really afford, it would be really foolhardy to just jump at the first thing on our radar. Patience and common sense prevails.

Amelia is doing really well. She’s started art lessons, a weekly indoor gym class, continues music and swimming, and is also massively in love with running around and being chased. I wonder when I’ll ever be able to keep up with her energy most times.

Luka is growing bigger and bigger. At their last check up we learned that he’s only a few inches shorter, and a few pounds lighter than his sister. Poor Amelia. When Luka gets bigger, I’m sure he’ll get his revenge. I’m just really excited that they’re both tall. Luka is trying to stand up now with no interest in crawling. Hates being on his stomach, but loves being up on his feet. He’s quite strong too in the legs. It all happens way too quickly.

Played soccer again for the first time in a long time. My knee feels good. My play didn’t suck. It’s the little things these days šŸ™‚

I’ve also become a fitness nut. I got a FitBit from my mom as a Christmas present, and I’ve hooked it up with MyFitnessPal, and when we get the scale back I’ll hook it up with my Withings, and I’ll have this epic digital health tracking system going. Calorie conscious decisions are going to help me get down to 175 by May. Gotta look good in those bathing suits now!

That’s all for tonight then. Until the next one, keep smiling.