We’ve just stated a new weekly lunch event on the product team where we pick a relevant topic and jam on it. We talked about a new strategy at one, and design process at the one today. It’s an attempt to cross pollinate across the team best practices, new ideas, road map pitches, and the like.

One challenge in the office is that we’re grouped into teams, but that doesn’t guarantee that we’re working together towards a common goal. Sometimes the issue is opaqueness, and sometimes poor communication. Not enough time to coordinate, a lack of context, or even an inability to relate all lead to an inability to align.

But I just don’t buy it. We have common customers, and a common end goal. Within that we’ve got to find a way to create a common language. And that’s the goal of these lunches.

I hope that in three months time our designers have a clear vision of the platform and how they’re shaping it.

I hope that the larger team has a better visual of what we’re building because we become better storytellers.

And I hope that these exchanges become a high point of everyone’s week.

Because the best part of being a team is winning together, and I think this will help get us there.