We went to go see Frozen today with the babies.

They’ve both been learning the songs on YouTube, and they recognize the various characters. So after gym (given it was raining like crazy), we decided to book tickets, and make a go of it. The Greens came with us.

They both loved it!

Amelia sang along to the songs. She kept asking about where her favorite characters were, and why they were sad, or happy, or scared. Luka sat in Micky’s lap, and just watched the whole thing. He was so focused. I don’t know if he blinked once in the 90 minutes.

I’m so glad that this was their first movie theater experience.

A wonderful movie. A wonderful time. I even saved the ticket stubs so that they can throw it into a memento book one day. Really, we should start it for them… that’s a cool idea.

Amelia’s favorite was Anna and “Let it go”.

Luka was unable to articulate 🙂

I hope Disney keeps cranking them out at this level because it was really great, and I’m really excited to see more like it.