I red-eyed to Raleigh last night to get here in time for my mom’s dance showcase!

I landed, and we headed straight for Bojangles. That was good.

We spent the day watching soccer, and just being around each other. Semra showed up at 1pm, and she and I mom worked on her hair and make up. My mom was super excited.

We had our Turkish food lunch, wasted more time, showered, shaved, and headed to NC State. The event was at Tally Student Center. Holy smokes has it changed! It’s amazing. Just so pretty. So modern. Clean. Lots of rooms. A completely different place for what’s clearly about to become a completely different school. Who the chancellor is finally matters to NC state in profound ways. It’s amazing.

And then the event!

It was a ton of fun. Lots of great folks out there putting themselves on the line. My first dentist (who is now 75 years old) did a crazy polka dance. She was my favorite (my favorite who wasn’t my mom of course).

Check it all out… photos below