The Friday evening pizza date.

Before Micky and I got married, had kids, and officially became adults, we used to head over to Cavallaho Point on a Friday afternoon, watch the sun set over the Golden Gate Bridge, and have fancy appetizers and drinks.

You stop doing that when there’s bedtime, and books, and bath time, and dinner to worry about.

But it doesn’t mean that we should stop all traditions… and we’ve almost accidentally fallen into one that I love…

Friday night pizza with the kids.

It’s only been 2 weeks, so it’s not quite a thing yet (:-)), but for the last two weeks we’ve picked the kids up from school, taken the kids to pizza, and just vegged out enjoyed each other’s company. I love it.

Last week we went to The Pizza Place, and then sat on the beach (Amelia’s idea by the way). What the kids didn’t eat we fed to the sea gulls (which they thought was the funniest thing ever). Amelia stood there shouting, “Hey! Seagull. Eat that pizza!”

Tonight, we went to Bambino’s with the wonderful Erin there to take care of us. The kids were civilized. The food there is always great (though I didn’t eat because of Ramadan).

I love our new mini-tradition, and I hope we can keep it going. It’s a really great one!