This was set to auto publish a few days ago, but it didn’t. And so while it’s publishing on January 3rd, it was meant to be published on December 31st. My bad πŸ™‚

New Year’s Resolutions

I did awfully with my new year’s resolutions this year. I only blogged everyday about half of the year. I only made it to October with the no french fries, and then fell completely off of the bandwagon. And while I read a ton more than I have in the past few years (really since high school when I stopped reading), I still didn’t get up to one book a month.

Bad year for New Year’s Resolutions, but not for a lack of trying πŸ™‚

A year of music

The kids discovered the radio in splendid fashion. A quick survey of the family found that the most popular song of the year was…

None other than “Let it Go” – Idina Menzel – Frozen. The kids also loved a variety of pop songs as they get their dad’s taste in music. Singing in the car is now a family tradition that even Micky is getting in on. And that’s absolutely wonderful.

A year of milestones

Micky turned 40. I turned 30.

Amelia got into Children’s Day School, and had her “first day of school”.

Luka talks like a fiend, hugs like a vise, and is the best kiss on the cheek anywhere in town.

We bought a house, and reworked the backyard into an absolutely wonderful play land for adults and kids a like.

I got a promotion, and built a team that I think is going to have a stellar 2015. I led the effort on the TokBox side to build a Mozilla/Telefonica/TokBox partnership.

A year in travel

I visited Scotland for the first time getting as far north as 56 degrees north latitude. We also went to the New Forest where I snaked off for an afternoon and saw Southampton beat Everton 3-0.

I also got to do some business trips to Shenzen, Tokyo, and Seoul – though none for more than a day! I also did a day trip to Madrid, and a few quick trips to London as well.

In Turkey, we saw Istanbul for the first time as a family, and also made a go of the Aegean coast by seeing Kalkan and the surrounding area (including Patara which was amazing).

Good-bye 2014

It was a great year for me, and the family. Here’s to many more. Thanks for joining me on the ride πŸ™‚