This was a week of ending our holiday, and getting back into the swing of things back home.

It all started with Uncle Dan’s wedding in Edinburgh. First of all, why is it pronounced borough, but spelled burgh? Someone has to figure that one out for me. The wedding was lovely, and the reception was fantastic. Amelia had a phenomenal dress sewn together by Wendy, and Luka looked the part as well.

We then moved to the southern coast of England to see Abbey and Dave (Amelia and Freddi hit it off like champs, and Luka learned a few sword tricks from Elliot), took a detour to see Mike (because central heating is NOT overrated), and then up to Michael and Justine’s for a New Year’s bash. It’s essentially a perfect hit list to end a trip.

Once we got home on New Year’s Day, it’s been all about jet lag 🙁

1am wake up; 2:30am wake up; 4am wake up, and I’m hoping that tomorrow is the day we crack it. I’m feeling lucky 🙂

It’s also been a week of watching the babies grow up too fast. Using forks and knives properly. The way they speak and communicate with us and each other. Amelia riding her bike that Santa brought for Christmas. It’s all too much, too fast.

And so it goes… on to the photos and a cute video 🙂

Dancing robots