and all through the night. I’m slaving away on one last project. I started it last weekend, and I’m inches away from finished. Over the course of the week I’ve learned that:

  1. I’m so glad that Davis Drive Middle School had wood shop, and I spent 3 years there with Mr. Boyle
  2. I can’t cut anything in a straight line
  3. It’s as expensive to rent as it is to buy a circular saw
  4. The kids love DIY

However, my drill has run out of power, and so it will wait til morning. 

Pictures below of the bee stand. It turns out that you need to add elevation to a bee hive. Otherwise skunks, raccoons, and mice will get in too easily. 

This way when they try, the angry daughters will come out and sting!

And the girls all show up tomorrow. I’ll have them all in and setup by the late afternoon. 

And the great experiment will officially commence. 

Here goes nothing!

So far on the list of honey receivers in order are:

  • Amelia and Luka 
  • My mom and brother
  • Fabienne (I need your address)

If anyone else wants some (assuming I don’t mess it all up), then let me know. They told us to expect honey by July. It will be a Independence Day treat for all!

I don’t know if it’s legal to ship internationally. I’ll find out. If so, throw my dad, uncle, aunt, and Aydin as line 4.