I’m bringing back this fan favorite because what a week it has been!

Micky and I took most of the week off to get our house in order for the baby. We spent Tuesday cleaning up the garage, and then went out to buy a car. We ended up with a white Acura 2011 MDX. I actually quite enjoyed the negotiation because the guy was very clearly surprised at the price he’d quoted us via email. So it goes. He got rid of the inventory. We picked up the monthly payment.

Let me also just say how much I hate having a car payment. Or any payments really. I know I have the mortgage, and that feels like a given. Everything else just feels like too much coordination. And it takes away from the other things I’d prefer to do 🙁

Oh well. New baby means bigger car. And there was no way we wanted to get a van. And so it goes.

Then we painted, cleaned, filed, organized bank accounts, fixed garage door openers, organized the garage, and everything else that it takes to feel like you’ve got your house put together.

The baby’s room looks really good. All of that credit goes to Micky.

The garage looks amazing. I’ll take 50% of the credit for that.

It was a really good week of work… ending with a Frozen Sing-a-long at the Castro Theater on Saturday.