We are on week 2 of bees. 

I’ve reduced the hive down to one super (the technical term for the boxes). It started off as 3 boxes – 1 to house the bee transport box, 1 with frames (the technical term for where the bees build comb), and 1 to house extra sugar water. 

On day 2, I removed the bottom one which held the bee transport. 

Earlier this week, the extra sugar water that came with the transport ran out. So I dumped the top box just leaving me with the middle one filled with bees. 

On a daily basis, we’ve been refilling the sugar water feeder.  

Here’s what that looks like when you pull it out. Clear the bees away, refill the jar, and for most days you’re done. 

However, today, I did a full hive inspection. Check out the process. 

First, I take off the cover  


The bees are all over it, and that’s ok. This is the view inside the hive when everything comes off:

  Each of those black frames is a double-sided comb structure. Most of them are filled with eggs, larvae, and (slowly) capped comb that mean a new bee is about to be born. 
I pull each one out to check it out

And I’m greeted by a swarm of happy bees helping the family grow. 

I’m really close to adding a second box. The queen is busy working away at the outside frames, and then she’s going to want more space to lay eggs. 

The adventure keeps getting better!